Joe Thanade Tirasuwan  
(408) 529-1293


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Maya, ZBrush,Visual Development
Environment design, Props design, Composition, Layout, Strong drawing
Team player, Background painting 
Coloring, Graphic design 
Create various art style, Background painting, Illustration 
Multitasking, Problem solving, Interpersonal skills


Machine Zone, Palo Alto, CA
Marketing Artist, Designer
2014 - Current

BrainQuake Inc, Palo Alto, CA 
Concept Artist, Environment Artist
  • Designing in-game interior building and organic environment
  • Concept art, Environment design, Props design
  • Painted and used photo manipulation to create assets in a specific style 
  • Create set design and game environment design
  • Color key and Composition from Ideations to Finished artwork
  • Polish final character and environment assets for use in-game
  • Digital Painting, Composition, Layout, and Strong drawing skills and lighting
  • Coloring, Background painting, Illustration
  • Multitasking, Problem solving,and, and strong ability to take direction

Loki Studios, Palo Alto, CA
Freelance Character Design Artist
2011 - 2013
  • Concept art, Environment design, Props design
  • Background painting, Graphic design, Create various art style
  • Ideation thumbnails, Color comps, Final line and color 
  • Designed and painted the main characters using Photoshop 
Short Film "Bloom" 2011 
Visual Development Artist, Coloring Artist
  • Designed and created background
  • Designed sets and props of the film 
  • Assisted in coloring keyframes of animation

Short Film "No Robots" 2010 
Visual Development Artist, Coloring Artist
  • Designed and created environments and backgrounds of the film in Photoshop
  • Color, Composition, and Layout
  • Painted various architecture and assisted with revising other artists’ artwork to keep the look and feel consistent
San Jose State University  2007 - 2013   
BFA - Animation/Illustration